Hello and welcome!

My name is Eric. I’m an energetic and creative guy. Therefore as you may guess I just can not get enough of taking part of projects. In brief my interests are technology, philosophy, organisational steering and democracy. Thus I’m currently I’m active in a number of organisations and run a couple of projects myself.

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I see myself as a secular humanist, therefore philosophy and ethics is a big part of my private life. It all started when I was young. My grandmother introduced me to christian thought. Hence durring my early teenage years, when I started to question myself, I got interested in philosophy. As a result I discovered Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry and Sam Harris who shifted my view of the necessity of a god. Finally what got me interested in humanist ethics was the 2015 book Englightenment in the 21st century by Christer Sturmark. Still to this day I believe it to be not only the best introduction to humanist thought, but also the most pedagogical introduction to philosophy there is.

As I grew up with the open source movement around me, some initiatives I’ve come to like in particular are the Wikimedia foundation, Ubuntu, Creative Commons and Automattic (WordPress, P2 and plenty more).

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I love reading and exploring music. Normally I read fantasy and sci-fi. Some of my favourite book series are The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Wheel of Time, and The Inheritance Circle.