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My name is Eric. I’m an energetic and creative guy. When I don’t study or work, I’m quite heavily engaged in different projects. I’ve often ended up as secretary, working with organisational strategy and steering.

What I’m currently up to

Swedens National Union of Students (SFS)

Swedens National Union of Students (SFS) is an umbrella organisation, lobbying for the rights of Swedish students, inside and outside of Sweden. My engagement in SFS started as a representative for Jönköping Student Union in 2018, a job I kept until spring 2020, when I joined the International Committee.

SFS International Committee (Komit)

Komit is the delegation and expert committee on international student politics at SFS. I’ve been on the committee since July 2020 and I’m responsible for Social Dimension questions such as human rights, academic freedom and psycho-social health.

SFS-FUM representative

SFS-FUM is the General Assembly of SFS. From the autumn of 2018 until spring 2020 I worked as part of JSU National Advocacy Committee, with representing Jönköping Student Union. This representation took place at SFS Members Meetings and in the SFS General Assembly (FUM).

You can read more about my work in the JSU National advocacy committee, in the section about Jönköping Student Union.

Humanists Jönköping

Since the spring of 2019 I’m on the board of Humanists Jönköping, a life-stance organisation with membership in Humanists Sweden and Humanists International.

Since 2020, I’m the Secretary of Board for the organisation.

Once in a while I write blogposts, debate articles or opinion peaces, which I try to collect here on this blog

Old engagements

Jönköping Student Union

Jönköping Student Union (JSU) is an umbrella organisation for the faculty associations at Jönköping University. It is responsible for coordinating the student life, as-well-as lobbying towards the University, external actors. My work in JSU started in the autumn of 2018, when I joined the National advocacy committee.

JSU Board

From the beginning of July 2019 I’ve be on the Board of Jönköping Student Union. During my time on the JSU Board, I’ve been Board meeting secretary and worked with political questions.

Project: By-laws revision
Durring my year in the Student Union I worked on a big revision of the By-laws. It gained the support of the JSU Board during March 2020 and was there-by sent to the JSU Annual General Meeting for approval.

You can read about it here.

Project: Organisational rules
Many big organisations have plenty of policies, so many that you may not even know how many and where to find them. I got tiered of this and created a new centralised policy document for all overarching internal policies which I decided to call the JSU Organisational rules. The Board adopted the first part of this document in March 2020.

JSU National Advocacy Committee

JSU National Advocacy Committee works with political advocacy and representation on a national level, as well as doing the preparatory work for the Student Unions political work on behalf of the board.

October 2018 – August 2019 Regular committee member
August 2019 – June 2020, Acting Committee President

Project: JSU-NAC Autumn forum 2019
Durring the autumn of 2019 the committee conducted a forum to network with other Student Unions in close proximity to Jönköping.

Attending the forum was: Borås Student Union and University West Student Union.

Project: JSU-NAC Spring forum 2020
Durring the spring of 2020 the committee conducted a political forum to further integration and internationalisation.

Attending the forum was: Malmö Student Union, FlinS and SSCO.

You can read about it here: SSCO blogpost (original) or JSU blogpost (original).

JIBS Student Association

During the Spring Kick-off 2019 i was a fadder (godparent) for a group of new international students at Jönköping International Business School.

EU Careers Student Ambassador

I am the EU Careers Student Ambassador at Jönköping University durring oct. 2019 – oct. 2020. Meaning I arrange events and acts as the contact person for EPSO.eu.

Blekinge SSU-district

Blekinge SSU-district is a district-level organisation in the Social-democratic Youth League of Sweden (SSU), covering the county of Blekinge. My district-level engagements started in 2015, a year after I’d first gotten engaged in the organisation.

Courses I took during my time in the organisation:
SSU ground course 1: 2014
SSU ground course 2: 2014
SSU ground course 3: 2014
SSU Election camp and courses: 2014
SSU Municipal Leadership Education (KLU): jan 2015

Board of Blekinge SSU-district

Durring the organisational year of 2017/2018 I became the Treasurer and Head of Organisational matters at Blekinge SSU-district. This included restructuring the internal financial documentations in the organisation.

Project: Annual General Meeting
Durring my year on the district board, I was tasked with putting together the annual general meeting. This was a successful endeavour, which I and the newly employed ombudsman undertook.

You can read about it here.

Education committee

Durring the organisational year of 2015/2016 I was part of the Educational committee in Blekinge SSU-district. Durring the period I helped organise a number of educational events.

Project: Ground courses
Durring my time in the committee, I took part in the running of three ground courses. I worked in the kitchens and helped gather speakers, and booking locals for the events.

Project: Feministic extra course
I was lead responsible for putting together an extra course in feministic politics during my time in the committee. This course took place in late 2015.

Furulundsskolan Pupil Union

During High School I got engaged in the pupils union. This entailed doing procurements, helping to runt the cafeteria, and working with communications. Durring my time in the pupils union I grew a lot, and it has been an important stepping stone for me as a person.

2016-2017: Board secretary
2017-2018: Treasurer and board secretary

Project: Procurement of Graduation hat partner
Durring my first year in the Pupils Union, I as secretary together with the Treasurer, procured a new partner to produce the graduation hats. This was the first time we procured a new company to produce our graduation hats. We ended up writing a much better contract then previously, lowering the price for students.

You can read about it here.

Project: New logotype
Durring my time in the Pupils Union I revised the logotype. The old one, which included a golden crown of leaves against a blue background, was har to print. The new design is based on the old one, but without the crown of leaves, a new font, and a simple black or white print against a transparent background.

You can read about it here.

Project: New website
The pupils union previously had no website of its own, but there was plenty of information about the organisation that needed a permanent home. For example, when to apply for project grants, and information about the banquet. The new website was created with Squarespace, and simplified the communications of the Pupils Union.

You can read about it here.

Bokelundsskolan Pupil Union

My love for volunteering and engaging in associations started at the Pupils Union of my elementary school. At an age of 12 I was elected representative to the General Assembly and secretary of the Class Assembly, something that changed the course of my life.

My writings