[Journal] Chapter 1 to 4 | The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy

 Photo CC0  nclm  via Wikimedia Commons
Photo CC0 nclm via Wikimedia Commons

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy by Douglas Adams is the first of six Comedic Science Fiction novels in the book series going under the same name (commonly referred to as the Hitchhiker’s Guide, The Hitchhiker’s Trilogy or The Trilogy in Six parts). The book was first released in 1979 and follows the main character Arthur Dent on his journey through the universe. The book has become a staple of hte sci-fi community and is a must for all sci-fi fans.

In the first four chapters we get introduced to the main cast of the book. Here we have Ford Prefext an alien who first came to earth to write about it for a an encyclopedia named “Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy.” We also learn about Zaphod Beeblebrox. A weird alien who happens to be president over the Galaxy. Last but not least we get a fast introduction of Trillian an Earthling just like Arthur who follows Zephod around the Galaxy.

I find it fascinating how calmly the book talks about all the events in the first four chapters. A line we hear all the time in the book is “Don’t Panic” and it follows that advice to the extreme. I find that even if the characters sometimes get upset and starts screaming the atmosphere stays the same. It’s part of what makes the book so fun. It feels a little bit like “The earth gets destroyed? Just another day at work.”

It’s no secret that the earth get’s obliterated in the first couple chapters. Douglas Adams does a fantastic job of conveying just how small and unimportant we humans are for the rest of galaxy. So unimportant that we can be destroyed and killed to create a bypass through the galaxy. Of all end of the worlds histories I’ve heard about this one seems the most likely to me.

We also learn Zaphod and his ship “the Heart of Gold.” We don’t really get to know his full intentions but we learn quite a bit about the governance of the Galaxy. For example we learn that the president is just a mascot to distract the people from the real politics and leaders of the Galaxy. We also learn that Zaphod Beeblebrox is especially good at this. He is a real clown and that’s just what they want out of him.

To summarize these four chapters I’d say that they give an interesting perspective on our existence and on how small and unimportant we are. It throws you straight into the action and the destruction of earth and you start too wonder what’s going to happen next. The language used can sometimes be a bit challenging but that’s mostly because of all the new names on the Aline lifeforms you hear about. If I had to pick a favorite part of the book this far I’d say that it’s the part in chapter three when we learn about towels and why they are a must for all hitchhiker’s.


Maze Runner: The Death Cure

When I started reading this book I saw potential and the book was in some way a lot better then the second one. It starts and gets on point rather fast and from there it just delivers. I’d say that this one whiles more exiting took one of the problem from the last book and made it worse. I’m talking about the problem with the weird character progression. Some of it is understandable but sometimes I just dropped the book on my bedside table and left it there. The characters just wasn’t holding up.

Besides this the story was very good up to halfway through the book when it just started lacking. Yes things happened but the writer could have done a much better job. Like I said in the last review. The author should have taken a bit of a break too figure out what he wanted out of the book. It didn’t feel like he knew where he was going and the plots rained down here and there. Don’t get me wrong the book was very exciting but it was like watching a transformers movie, cool effects but lacking story substance. So if you want to read the book don’t have to high expectations specially not for the second part.

When you get closer to the end the book really highers it’s speed. It’s exciting and well written. You just can’t wait to know how the book ends. But be warned there are some cringed worthy moments in there as well and when you get to the ending things turn around. Not ’cause they needed to but just to turn the plot upside down and astonishing enough, just a couple moments later Tomas is siting there like nothing happened.

I’m not only disappointed at the ending. The ending destroyed the entire series. It felt like it was all for nothing and I have a really hard time saying anything positive about this series after reading the ending. No, the author should have thought this through one more time before putting his pen to the paper. I just hope the movie won’t be as bad as this last book. It was a story with so much potential but it lead nowhere.


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trails is the second book in the Maze Runner series and it does not disappoint. The first book in the series was a fast paste, semi advanced book that took the breath right out of your chest. You couldn’t wait to turn the page and find out what was going on. This book has a similar story but it’s written in another way. It throws all these little hints at you but delivers the answers by spoon, like if it was feeding a little baby. It’s intense but slow… very slow.

It’s nearly to slow to be enjoyed. I actually put away the book for a couple of days after reading a couple of chapter, then picked it up just to repeat. I understand why the book has to be slow. It fits the setting and gives the feeling of just who bad things get for the characters, but the author might have over done it a little bit.

The book picks up where it left you and throws you back and forth and can sometimes make you wonder what happened to the characters. Sometimes I felt like I missed a book in the series. Specially the main character, Tomas acted in weird way from time to time and it felt like the author tried way too much too get you to feel bad for him.

If I had to rate this book I would give it a 7/10p cause it’s good and makes you want to continue, but it wasn’t as good as the first one. The author should have waited a bit before continuing the story. It felt like he didn’t really know where he was going with this book. But it has the potential to look good in the movie adaptation if they plan it right.


North Sea Texas

To start of I like to say that North Sea Texas has become my all time favourite film. It’s an awesome and well written story about two boys who fall in love and the problems they meet.
Pim is a young guy who’s just turning fifteen years old and he’s got a romantic relationship with his friend Gino who’s just about to turn 18. The movie follows Pim’s life and shows it’s ups and downs. The problems rise when Gino starts going do a city called De Panne close to the north sea cost of Belgium. Gino starts going there more often and Pim’s trust in Gino is tested.

The story is complicated and can go from a happy to sad in nearly no time. It’s deep and shows the struggle of Pim losing everything he ever has had. He goes from one bad situation to one good to two bad situations. At the end of the film Pim has turned 18 years old so the movie spans nearly 3 and a half years worth of stories and it does it in a magical and capturing way. I can’t do more then recommend it to everyone who loves a good drama/love story.