[Review] Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Okay so from the moment Blake first entered the shot I wanted him to become Batman, and I wanted Bruce Wayne to settle down. The reason for this is simple Mr. Wayne was getting old and he deserved to be retired.

The story is about Mr.Wayne and his Batman costume. In this movie he is put up against the masked man Bane. But it’s quite clear who is the strongest one. And in the end it’s Wayne’s self confidence that locks him up in a prison he can’t escape from. The only one ever being able to leave is a child… a child of darkeners. Meanwhile the police officer Mr. Blake does his beast to fight against Bane but the odds are against him and it’s seems like they are running out of time, when the CIA finds out that there is a time bomb in the city.

The ending was one of the best endings in movie history. You felt you sad tears fall down your cheek to in a moment disappear when the thrill comes that something isn’t right then you feel happy tears fall down you cheeks. I can’t remember when a movie “dragged” me in to the story like this last time. I hope there will be a follow up.