[Review] Deadman Wonderland

Deadman wonderland is a thrilling series that really is pushing the lines. It’s a dark and uncomfortable but capturing series about a boy that goes by the name Woodpecker aka Ganta Igarashi. Everything starts when Ganta sits in school and suddenly a man floats up to the window outside and starts shouting red crystals killing everybody besides Ganta how is locked in to the amusement park and prison Deadman Wonderland. He has to work to get points for food and “candy” (a sort of antidote against a virus that would kill him in two days if he didn’t take the “candy”). But strange things starts to happen: he survives a bolder that should have crushing him. And he is able to control the blood in his body. Not long after this happens he is locked in to a secret area of Deadman worderland called “area G”. In area G he is forced to fight for his life in battles aginst outher “Deadmen” as there called. He realy whants to flee from this place and it seems his not the only one. There is a hole team that is trying to flee form Deadman Wonderland in Area G the question is. Are they able to?