[Review] The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower of “Wallflower” as it’s also known as is a book that takes place in (year) 1991 and is written as a journal/letter form.

The book containers many letters from a person that calls himself “Charlie” and in the letters he tells the story of his life. The problem started when his best friend took his own life meaning that when he started his 1st year of High School he had lost all his friends. But everything is a long way from perfect. He’s got a lot of problems left to solve besides his friends. When he was young his aunt died a tragic death and even if he was only 8 years old he still have problems with it. Some of the things described in the book about this is thrilling and can make you very uncomfortable.

I would strongly recommend this book for people around the age of 15. The book contains allot of things you can relate to and a lot of thing that “scares” you. It deals with problems that you can run in to and you can see how other people handled them and like real people Charlie allows makes mistakes. Even if he doesn’t notice them or doesn’t care about them the reader can notice them and see some of the consequences.