[Review] Den Osynlige Mannen Från Salem

First of all I want to say that this book isn’t available in English as I’m writing this. I would recommend you to look up the author for more current information about the publishing of this book.

“Den Osynlige Mannen Från Salem” or “The Invisible Man From Salem” in English is a detective story rewarded with “Svenska Deckarakademins” Award for best Swedish crime book in 2013 and I can understand why. Even if the first Chapter of this 345 side long book is just one side long I can easily say that I will read this entire book. The starting point isn’t super dramatic it’s actually rather calming but it’s got a tone witch really grips you.

The book starts in the subway beneath Salem (an area in Stockholm) where a man named Leo is siting on a bench. In this one side long chapter he describes his surroundings in a rather catching way, starting of with a threat written on the wall “Sweden must die” and continuing to tell us about an old lady walking by and a child who pops his balloon on the sealing. It sets a tone witch I just simply can’t put my thumb on. Some would probably describe it as “the calm before the storm”. It’s exiting and I can’t wait to pick up the book again and continue reading.