[Review] V for Vendetta

So last Sunday I watched V for Vendetta. This thrilling movie is about a rebel calling himself “V” that wants to not only get rid of the corrupted government but also wants to blow up the Parliament building in London. The movie is easily classified as a thought worthy and interesting film. It contains everything from evil government people to amazing masks and a storyline that’s simple amazing.

The film takes place in the UK around year 2030 when an evil government has taken power over the country and opened “death camps” where all unwanted people are sent. Our secret masked hero “V” comes to end this government and to start a new world. He’s inspired by Guy Fawkes and always wear a Guy Fawkes-mask over his face.

The most remembreble thing from the whole movie is a quote given at the start of the movie “Remember, Remember the fourth of November”. This movie has overall been the inspiration for allot of modern political demonstrations and the group anonymous has the Guy Fawkes-mask as their logo.

I have to give this movie a 1010. It gets it’s points out and is relevant for today’s political debates and besides this, it’s also got an extremely good manuscript and fantastic actors. Go watch it now!