[Journal] Chapter 12 to 35 | The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy

 Photo CC by-sa 3.0  Julian Hammer  via Wikimedia Commons
Photo CC by-sa 3.0 Julian Hammer via Wikimedia Commons

The main thing I noticed whiles my continued reading was the fact that Zaphod seemed way more intelligent in this chapter and seemed to be a good person. It’s weird. It seems at first glance like he is dumb and totally clownish. But the farther into the book I get the more respect I get for him. He isn’t a good person in the quite normal hero or everyday hero way but more in a kind of double-nature kind of way. Sometimes he’s a good person and sometimes his absolutely not.

This part of the book got very exciting so I read it all in one or two day. That’s why I might miss a lot of stuff and I make such a broad summarizing of everything.

So to start of with they find this fascination planet at which an old people live that make planets. This in it self is a weird and exciting idea. I like how when they are about to enter the atmosphere and get shot at by the planets self-defence system. To flee from the nuclear warheads heading there way they activate the improbability drive and the missiles gets turned into a whale and a plant-pot. The plant-pot with a flower in apparently can thin and thought to itself as it tumbled towards the ground “not this again!” if I remember correctly. This is followed up by some funny question about why plants would thing in such a way.

I like this part. It makes me smile a lot. Personally I think the reason the flower would think in such a way is cause plants sometime falls from the window and breaks. The question is how a newly created plant would know this… Can even plants think??? I don’t think so but then again I’m not a biologist it could very well be that plants can in some way interpret and analyse the world but it seems kind of weird to think about cause they haven’t got any brains… or are we just dumb and haven’t found them jet??? There are so many weird and thoughtful questions you can ask about this book and it’s way of twisting the world. If a plant could talk and think in a way we could understand, what would it say???

Like you might understand the idea of talking plants kind of fascinates me currently. It’s just such a bizarre thought to think that it kinda gets stuck in my head. Personally I like flowers they are beautiful. Sometimes when I was younger I would stand and breath on them. If they could think and smell did the flower got disgusted by my bad breath… Yeah I could think about this all day so let’s move on.

The whale also had some funny thoughts but you have too read that entire conversation to be able to discuss it and it’s quite long so let’s talk about another subject. The idea that humans would only be the third most intelligent species on earth. The book claims that earth was created as an experiment by some twelve dimensional creatures that in our dimension take the form of mice and are super intelligent. The idea is that mice are experimenting on humans to see if they can figure out the mining of life, the universe and everything or rather why the answer is 42.

This concept scared me a lot when I was younger and saw the movie. It still weird me out a bit, but I also find it fascination how the book frames this perspective. Sometimes I really want to know how Douglas Adams thought all of this out, but at the sometime I don’t cause then I have to think about the questions and my thoughts about this weird world that Douglas provides. A lot of the time I can draw parallels between the book and real life and I thing I’ve found one in this part of the book as well.

I think this part is meant to make us question testing on mice. We do a lot of inhuman things to animals without thinking about them and when you see things from this uncomfortably angle that the author provides it makes you question if it really is right to abuse animals and the world in the way we do. On the hole I think that’s the lesson the book tries to teach. “Be careful of the world you have cause it’s the only one you’ll ever have.” and “don’t waist you life, you have one chance and then it’s gone.” That’s what I get out of this. And I also think he wanted to question things and think weird. (That last one isn’t very well established as a lesson of the book but I really like to think that’s what Douglas wanted to encourage his readers to do.)

All and all I loved the book. If you like quirky and weird things read it! It puts the world in a weird place and twists stuff in a cool, interesting and thoughtful way. It’s my second most favorite sci-fi book or my most favorite one. It depends on what aspects you look at. It’s absolutely interesting and funny but sometimes it seems a bit rushed. But if you can get past that and want a fun and enjoyable sci-fi book I can’t do anything less then recommend it.