[Journal] Chapter 9 to 11 | The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy

 Photo CC by-sa 2.0  Barbara Abate  via Wikimedia Commons
Photo CC by-sa 2.0 Barbara Abate via Wikimedia Commons

So chapter nine starts with Arthur and Ford getting rescued by a mysteriys ship. From the begining they find themselfs on a sidewalk. But this disappears and they find themselves on a beach. The reason for all of this weariness is something the book calls the infinite improbability drive. A way of traveling space by using the improbability of different things. The majority of chapter nine and ten is trying too explain Arthur and Fords experience with the infinite improbability drive and how it was invented.

The drive apparently makes some kind of hole in the universe thorough which it can travel and it breaks down the different aspects of reality and exists in multiple existences at once if I understand it right. This means that many improbable things will happen. I think this way of travelling sounds interesting. Instead of teleportation which breaks down your body and recreates it this makes holes in existence and travels through them like tunnels. In my head it sounds way safer and efficient. It is also a nice way to get around the hole “if you push a person in to a teleportation device did you kill them?” debate which is interesting but complicated and a bit scary.

Throughout chapter eleven we find out more about the ship and especially about Marvin a robot which have some major depression problems. I personally think his main problem is not haveing complex enough problems too solve. I base this on the fact that he seemed to mainly be complaining about his tasks being boring. I also liked the fact that the doors had feelings. I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing when they mentioned that the doors was very happy about opening for you. When someone passed through they showed emotions of excitement and the feeling of doing a good job. I don’t know why but I just find that funny.

We also learn more about Trillian and Zaphod Beeblebrox. Trillian seems to be the more intelligent person this far and Zaphod like the earlier descriptions in the book seems more like a big clown. i don’t really know if i like Zaphod. He seems a bit non-serious and it irritates me a bit. I just can’t wrap my head around his personality. It’s way to spastic and it gives me an unsettling feeling. Like he is evil or has some great big plan of taking over the world. I know this probably isn’t the case but his lack of understanding of other lifes worth makes it hard for me to take him seriously.

To summarize these chapters where interesting out of many perspectives. One of the most obvious once is the cool travelling technique which would make it possible to travel great distances in no time. Another perspective is the character development. We see Trillian as a more thoughtful and understanding person and Arthur as a bit more adventurous person when we was fiddling with the control panel. I find that these chapters have been some of the most impressive chapters these far and think I’ll remember them by there technical aspect the most. Especially the doors.