[Review] Maze Runner: The Death Cure

When I started reading this book I saw potential and the book was in some way a lot better then the second one. It starts and gets on point rather fast and from there it just delivers. I’d say that this one whiles more exiting took one of the problem from the last book and made it worse. I’m talking about the problem with the weird character progression. Some of it is understandable but sometimes I just dropped the book on my bedside table and left it there. The characters just wasn’t holding up.

Besides this the story was very good up to halfway through the book when it just started lacking. Yes things happened but the writer could have done a much better job. Like I said in the last review. The author should have taken a bit of a break too figure out what he wanted out of the book. It didn’t feel like he knew where he was going and the plots rained down here and there. Don’t get me wrong the book was very exciting but it was like watching a transformers movie, cool effects but lacking story substance. So if you want to read the book don’t have to high expectations specially not for the second part.

When you get closer to the end the book really highers it’s speed. It’s exciting and well written. You just can’t wait to know how the book ends. But be warned there are some cringed worthy moments in there as well and when you get to the ending things turn around. Not ’cause they needed to but just to turn the plot upside down and astonishing enough, just a couple moments later Tomas is siting there like nothing happened.

I’m not only disappointed at the ending. The ending destroyed the entire series. It felt like it was all for nothing and I have a really hard time saying anything positive about this series after reading the ending. No, the author should have thought this through one more time before putting his pen to the paper. I just hope the movie won’t be as bad as this last book. It was a story with so much potential but it lead nowhere.