[Review] North Sea Texas

To start of I like to say that North Sea Texas has become my all time favourite film. It’s an awesome and well written story about two boys who fall in love and the problems they meet.
Pim is a young guy who’s just turning fifteen years old and he’s got a romantic relationship with his friend Gino who’s just about to turn 18. The movie follows Pim’s life and shows it’s ups and downs. The problems rise when Gino starts going do a city called De Panne close to the north sea cost of Belgium. Gino starts going there more often and Pim’s trust in Gino is tested.

The story is complicated and can go from a happy to sad in nearly no time. It’s deep and shows the struggle of Pim losing everything he ever has had. He goes from one bad situation to one good to two bad situations. At the end of the film Pim has turned 18 years old so the movie spans nearly 3 and a half years worth of stories and it does it in a magical and capturing way. I can’t do more then recommend it to everyone who loves a good drama/love story.